*What does a new tub really cost?

$400.00? $900.00? $2,000.00?

That's the average cost of replacing a bathtub by conventional methods,
reached by a national survey. But you have heard that you can buy a new tub
for $300.00. Yes, you may be able to buy a "bathtub," but what about labor
costs, the possible loss of tiles, walls and floors to be replaced by new. Plus the
dirt, mess, inconvenience and time involved. Also, many times, the newer tubs
will not fit into your present space.

But, to resurface your tub, in-place, with no mess or debris and with little
inconvenience, for a fraction of the cost can be a terrific savings!
Remember, tubs don't wear out – surfaces wear out.

*Can I change the color of my tub?

Yes, we can refinish your tub in any color.  Ask for details.

*Why isn't it cheaper to buy a new tub?

Our best answer to the most frequently asked question is to suggest that you
compare one or more estimates which reflect the Total Cost of the installation
of a new tub with our price for refinishing your present bathtub. Make sure your
estimates include all plumbing costs for labor and fixtures, as well as the cost
for replacement of walls, floor, tile damage, etc., in the removal of the old tub.
Insist upon receiving a quality tub – not a weekend special. If your present tub
is porcelain over cast-iron, it is far superior in quality to the low-priced
replacement tubs on the market today. We complete our work in less than one
day. There is no mess to clean up after we leave, therefore, in most cases we
can save both time and money.

In those rare cases where we can't, we tell you so.

*What special cleanser should I use on new finish?

One of the advantages of this process is that the bathtub is easier to clean
than before. It is now nonporous. The new surface should be cleansed as you
would any bathtub. We suggest that you do not use harsh abrasives such as
Comet Ajax, etc., because these react like sandpaper to any surface, including
a new bathtub. You will find that the liquid cleansers such as Dow, Lysol Tub &
Tile, Fantastic, etc., are much better.

*How long will the finish last?

Because everything is relative, with normal care and proper cleaning, your new
finish will last for many years. We also provide a 7 year written warranty (some
exceptions apply).

*How long before I can use my tub again?

You may use your bathtub in 24 hours.

*What about my shower doors?

We can remove most shower doors and just mask the track off.  In most cases,
we can re-install the shower doors before we leave.

*My tub is not connected; can you refinish it in my yard or garage?

Not really. First, bathtubs are awkward to handle and in the moving or
connecting of the bathtub, it is almost certain some damage to the new finish
would occur. Furthermore, and most importantly, dust dirt and foreign particles
in the outside air pose a problem to the fresh coating prior to the curing stage.  

*In redecorating my bathroom, should I have my tub refinished first?

No. Do all other work first such as papering, painting or new lavatory. Schedule
us last because our warranty does not cover man-made damage. Accidents
could happen that might damage the new finish of your bathtub.

*Do you change any of the plumbing fixtures?

No. Plumbing problems, leaks, broken fixtures, etc., Must be resolved before
we are scheduled.

*Can you just do the bottom of my tub?

No, because in refinishing, the idea is to start and end the process outside the
water area. This prevents the possibility of the water seeping under the new

*Are there any bad odors from the process?

Not really, if the bathroom has a window, most odors are exhausted through the
window. With no window and using an exhaust system some slight odor may
occur during the process, but it disappears in a few hours.

*How long does it take to refinish my bathtub?

Normally three to five hours.  

*Is there anything I can do to get the shine back on my tub?

If you have attempted to clean the bathtub with normal household cleansers
and the tub is still dull, stained of dirty in appearance, there is probably nothing
you can do to restore the shine yourself.

*Just what is the refinishing process?

We remove the old caulking, scrape the tub to remove any films, clean it will
solvents and industrial cleaner (no harsh acids), cover tub walls, vanities, etc.,
apply base coat, and top coat with acrylic urethane.  Anti-slip material may also
be installed during the process.  Remove paper, re-caulk the tub and it will be
ready to use in 24 hours.
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